Chevening Interview Question 2018

Hi guys! 

Week after week I have been researching for references regarding this paramount interview.I did google search and ask my Cheveners Alumn (2012 and 2016). One of the most resources sources I found was this youtube video to compile  Chevening Interview questions. Usually, you will have at least one month to prepare, or more! Be prepared for practice, practice, and practice! 

Chevening Interview questions will be tailored to every candidate even though they have specific similar questions between one and another.  Their tips were basically the same: prepare the question list and make sure in HOW you answer the question. You have to be descriptive, detail, and factual – put numbers whenever possible. Don’t forget to tape/record your responses to know how clear you deliver the answers. 

So, I made a question list based on all the research, which consist of 17 questions. Well, the real questions were not that many – as far as I can remember. But you should always be prepared for impromptu questions which will be given by the interviewee. To be frank, I got 3 questions that made me almost blank on the day. Hopefully, I answered it well 😐 *crossing fingers*

Oh, well, without further due, here the Chevening Interview questions I’ve prepared:

  1. Introduce yourself and why you choose Chevening?
  2. Why the UK?
  3. What you actually do?
  4. What is a network for you?
  5. The topic of Study? (this question is usually the longest duration of all)
  6. Relevancy study for Indonesia?
  7. Weaknesses and Achievement?
  8. The UK in Indonesia (put your country here)?
  9. What do you bring to Chevening Network?
  10. Next 5-10 year
  11. A good leader? Do you have leadership potential?
  12. Any Leader I love?
  13. What the use of the degree?
  14. Which one more powerful, Private or Government?
  15. Can you successfully finish a Master’s Degree in the UK?
  16. Have you got an Offer Letter?
  17. Will you change your subject?

And the jackpot questions for  Chevening Interview questions 2018 were:

  1. What UK culture you would like to explore and why?
  2. Have you made an unpopular decision? If yes, can you describe?
  3. What do you think the government should do with the focus/concentration of your topic?

I was… whoa (I paused for several seconds to think clearly). 

And, on the day, if you get interview schedule in British Embassy, you should pay attention to several things. Read more in this article.

I already get LoA from the University of Sussex for Media Practice for Development and Social Change.  So, last but not least, wish me luck!

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