Chevening Interview Day: The Essential

I believe there’s a lot of tips out there on the Chevening Scholarship Interview day.  My interview took place in British Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are several important things you need to know regarding this:

1. Prepare both your KTP (National ID card) and passport.

You will need your passport for the interview while the security will need your ID card when you entering the embassy area. So make sure you bring both of it. If you lost your KTP (just like me), bring the copy, or give your SIM (driver license).

2. Print out your questions-answer list if you still want to read it

You will not allow bringing any electronic device on Chevening Interview Day. So if you want to do last minute reading, make sure you already print your Chevening Interview Question prior your coming to the embassy.

3. Bring your own drink and candy

There will be a glass of water provided in the interview room, but not in the waiting room. Anticipate if you experiencing dehydration by bringing your own drink. Don’t forget to go to the toilet~

4. You will not be allowed to bring any electronics/gadgets

Yup, including handphone, modem, ipad, computer, pager  (woot), ipod, smart watch, everything. Or maybe…only in Indonesia 😐

5. Bring a book for killing time

Usually, there will be a telly and magazines in the waiting room. But just in case you want to get relax before your Chevening Interview session begin, read a book. And breath well 😉


Best of luck for your Chevening Interview Day!

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