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Postingan pertama setelah hijrah domain! Hahaha. Dedicated to all photographer who use Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom makes color editing easy. It’s even easier when you know what kind of output do you want and you can implement your mix to other photos which have similar lighting condition.

Been a while since the last time I use Adobe Lightroom (mine still LR 2, vaavv) but I guess the preset can be implemented in anykind of lightroom series. Most Lightroom preset made around 2009-2010 *yea, that’s a long-long-time-ago in galax far-far-far away* I barely explore to create new preset since I found all preset just represent what I need.

Just a note, the preset is not a natural color. It consist of swiping the metrics left and right, up and down, swap some colors, enhance some highlights. All naming based on the preset usability in my event context. Since I found some events have similarities in terms of lighting, I my self correlate further photograph with those previous event.

What are inside the preset package?

Here are some summary of the color profile (I was using Nikon D40 back then):

  • 3Pagi bw: Black & White preset in stage condition which only has minimum lighting, 2 main sources of light, the rest is just ambience
  • BEC Potrait : Focusing in making personnel of BEC band (Baby Eat Cracker) looks beautiful and handsome. Lighting setup : outdoor afternoon stage with sun as the main source of light (bright condition)
  • Hanafubuki: Japanese drama stage which consist of colorful outfit with decent white light for theater (not music stage). More into correcting into natural color. The problem is, I used analog lens on digital body xD
  • Lomo: just like the name..Lomo in technicolor

So, berhubung baru aja dicemplungin seorang temen ke grup whatsapp Pendopo Sony Alfa-Kaskus yang cukup nge-refresh ke tumpulan foto gw setelah sekian lama dengan gambar-gambar seger (seger buat gw = foto bagus yah, bukan gambar cewe xD) maka gw memutuskan untuk melakukan hal yang berguna di postingan ardhticle perdana ini: bagi-bagi gratisan.

The package consists of 42 Adobe Lightroom presets with many experimental colors. Enjoy and lemme know your thought when using it.

Here’s the link 42 Adobe Lightroom Presets by Rahmaut

Btw, if you wonder how to import lightroom presets to your Adobe lightroom application, you can find the tutorial How to install external Adobe Lightroom Preset

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