This is my story: Green Bussiness and Environmental Campaign Consultant

My dream hasn’t change, ever since I was a little kid till the year of 2030 and beyond. It just transformed into different shapes with same objective: create a better Earth.
Once, I dreamed about being a vet when I was in elementary and having wildlife sanctuary as my workplace. But then I realized, I couldn’t do it by my self. Since junior high, I changed my direction into graphic designer. I believed people who controlled ads are people who can maneuver society to specific needs. In other term, let say, I already thought about brainwashing people’s mind. And here I go, living life on this path.
Now I’m learning how to engage and persuade people in online media-in other term- creating campaigns. I want more. I want to be a campaign maker that ALWAYS makes successful campaigns as well as lucrative. I want to WORLD need me. Yes, WORLD, not only this country. Thus, number one is story will be, a person who has qualification in creating communication strategies to amend people minds in order to create a better earth and YES, not only for profit making.
I understand all that we think, feel, act, and are about our need of something. And also, I believe this world rule by demands, and money is one of them. So, I have to understand marketing and business. Suddenly, Green Biz becomes my interest. Not by creating any but as a consultant who can transform all of your kind of business to fit Green economy foundation, from multinational to home industries. We need BIG ammunition for this big plan: BIG knowledge, BIG communication, & BIG money.

Learn more from the expert.
I still have to learn lots of things such as improve my English. I probably take English course at EF as my consideration. They give good offer in their website: .
And hey, I’m being rational, strategic, and consistent in going through my dream. Support me, will ya?

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